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Don’t forget the little guys!

September 19 through the 25 has been designated by Petfinder as Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. According to a survey Petfinder did, 95% of the animals in their shelter and rescue groups have been having a hard time finding their forever home. For reasons such as being considered too old, to being a certain breed or even being a certain color, these pets are passed up for other pets.

While dogs and cats are usually the type of pet people think of when it comes to adoption, there are others types of pets that need homes- the ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, hamsters, etc. Often added to their family as an impulse purchase from a pet store, the idea of going to a shelter or rescue to adopt on of these guys doesn’t even cross most people’s minds leaving many of these guys not much of a chance at finding a home.

If you look in the Small and Furry section on Petfinder, you’ll find 1,034 ferrets in need of a home, ferrets like Kaya  at the Pennsylvania Ferret Club and Shelter. Kaya is between 5 and 6 years old making her a senior (ferrets are considered middle-age at 3!). Unfortunately, she also has a health problem that makes her hard to place. Insulinoma is one of the cancers ferrets are prone to, but it is manageable with medication. Doesn’t she deserve a nice home to spend the rest of her life in?


There are 5,733 rabbits looking for a great home on Petfinder. Lil Marcia  is one of the special ones looking for her forever home. Lil Marcie suffers from head tilt and while she has received great care to help correct it, it’s something she’ll probably have for the rest of her life. At first thought the extra care might seem like a lot, but not when compared to what a difference it will make in the life of this little bunny.

Some people might think it’s silly to adopt a special needs pet like Kaya or Lil Marcia, they might even think it is silly for a rescue or shelter to spend funds on animals like this when there are so many normal pets that need homes. Having adopted a number of specials pets like these, I can tell you it is worth it. Being able to make a difference in one life is worth it.

Story of the Starfish

A man was walking along the beach one evening and saw a little boy throwing starfish that had  been washed ashore by the tide into the sea. He thought the boy was silly in trying to save the starfish, as he knew it was impossible to throw every single one of the starfish back into the sea, with the tides washing them up.

The man walked right up to the boy and asked him why he was trying to save the starfish.

“You see, sir, the starfish would die if they are left on the shore. They need to be in the sea in order to live,” answered the boy.

“But son, how are you going to save all of them? Every time you put one back, another would be washed up. It doesn’t matter to them, son.”

The boy picked up a starfish, looked at the man and said, “But sir, it matters to this one.” Then he threw the starfish back into the sea.

This post is part of the Be the Change for Pets Challenge.



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