Dogs + Gardening = Bad Idea

I like gardening.Well, I like most things about gardening like planting seeds, picking out plants, planting plants, watching them grow and flower, reading about gardening and looking at pictures of gardens. There is one thing I don’t like about gardening. Weeding. I put it off. I get busy doing other things. We have weeks of rain which makes the weeds grow like crazy. It a big chore I dread. This is probably why I wasn’t thinking clearly when I began digging the weeds out of my vegetable garden.

I got out my pitchfork and started at one end, turning over dirt and pulling out the weeds. Soon  Mellie, my Springer, joined me and started digging in the one corner. Hey! I thought what a great idea! She can get the dirt all dug up and the weeds all loose and that will be that much less I have to do. She was joined by Malarky  and I let them have their fun while I continued having mine.

One thing I failed to take into consideration was the dedication they would have for their job. Once I was done with my part, they just keep going.

And going.



My potatoes were dangerously close to ending up as duds instead of spuds.



Is there a blackhole where all the dirt goes from the holes dogs dig?  There never seems to be as much dirt out of the hole as was in it.


Yeah, not one of my brightest moments. New fencing for the garden is in the plans for next weekend so I can get some vegetables for all my effort.

Who helps you with the gardening?

This is our first time joining in the Monday Mischief Blog Hop. Be sure to check out the other pets who were getting into trouble having fun over the past week.

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16 comments to Dogs + Gardening = Bad Idea

  • Kol is the least helpful garden assistant I could possible imagine. Hs specialty is body slamming seedlings and grinding them into the soil until they beg for mercy.

  • mdweitzel

    Aeration is an issue here, but the garden had to be fenced to allow the humans to harvest.  Unfenced it was a laborador feeding ground. 

  • Hey Mellie, Hey Malarky, Jet here. 
    Welcome to the MM hop.  Nice to make your acquaintance.
    Mom likes to garden too.  She’s a newbie… She asked me to share that once she gets started weeding, she can’t stop!  I like to help (on leash as we do not have a fence) by sampling the products to make sure  everything is ok.  Since we live in the tropics, we garden in the winter.  Right now… I’m into the lemongrass leaves when my tummy needs some help.  :)  
    My sister, Koko, may she be frolicking over the Rainbow Bridge, and I particulary loved the collard green stems when Mom harvested and cooked the leaves!!!

  • roxythetravelingdog

    Welcome to the blog hop, and I would say your mischief makers will fit right in.

  • LOL we don’t have a yard designed for a veggie garden.  I have considered making one using tubs but so far I’m unmotivated to do so.  Looks like the dogs had fun and you had some good quality time together!

  • HigginsPugh

    Welcome to Monday Mischief!  Without a fence it seems like an open invitation for some great mischief!!

  • They probably thought they were being such good pups in helping out mom.  I’ll have to remember not to do my gardening with my dogs.
    Happy Monday,

  •  @kolchakpuggle No green paw for Kolchak! Malarky usually tries to help me with weeding the flower beds by standing right in front of me so I can’t see the weeds. I think she’s on the weeds sie.

  •  @mdweitzel Oh I know that Labrador appetite! Luckily my crew hasn’t figured out edible food can be found in the garden. I will be in trouble if they do.

  •  @lemdolphin If your mom ever wants to take a weeding vacation to Pennsylvania, she will be welcome here! 

  •  @roxythetravelingdog Thanks for the welcome Roxy! Fortunately they are pretty good critters, but every once in a while….

  •  @JodiStone I wouldn’t be to motivate except for having the birds and the bunny. It saves me some money growing some veggies at least part of the year. And potatoes are so easy and yummy I just throw those in for me.

  •  @HigginsPugh Thank you Higgins! I know I was kind of asking for it, although not stopping them from digging was a bad idea. They have another area of the yard they can dig in so they weren’t missing out on that fun.

  • They probably did think they were helping, so there was no repercussion except for me smacking myself upside the head.

  • mdweitzel

     Good Luck keeping your secrete!  I have to admit it’s nice to have helpers when you’re over-run with tomotoes.

  • They sound like they’re about as much help as Bella! She finds the newest thing I’ve planted and pees on it. =P

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