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Did you ever wonder what your pet would like like if they were a cartoon?  I got the chance to see how one of my critters would look when Joanna from Cute Cartoon Portraits contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing a portrait. Joanna, who shares her life with 2 kitties, Samba and Simon (She let me share their picture. Isn’t it cute?), has been drawing her whole life, but she began doing her portraits a few years ago. I thought it would be cute to see, so I said yes.

Of course, I didn’t realize there would be some difficulty with this. The difficulty was choosing 1 pet. I decided to go with one of my birds and Roca, my African Grey was the lucky duck parrot to be featured.

Joanna asked for a couple of digital pictures and said to let her know any color and prop requests. I emailed her a few pictures of Roca in different poses and let her know I would like a light yellow background. Joanna was fast sending back a draft picture in 2 days. I emailed her with what changes I wanted and she sent the another draft the next day.  With everything looking good the final picture arrived the day after the 2nd draft so it was 4 days from the time I sent the pictures to the day Joanna sent the final. Pretty quick turn-around time I think.

Here’s a picture of my Grey, Roca-


And here is Roca’s cartoon portrait-

 Copyright Cute Cartoon Portraits

Pretty cute, huh! Roca said “oooo” when she saw it. She says the same thing when she gets breakfast so that must mean she likes it!

Everything is done through email with you receiving a final high resolution copy if you want to print of the picture. Or you have the option of ordering a physical picture from Joanna.

You can see more portraits at Joanna’s Etsy shop- Cute Cartoon Portraits.  Order a cartoon portrait of your own pet or check out the pre-made cartoon greeting cards and prints. Joanna offered a coupon code for you to receive 25% off your entire order. Just visit Cute Cartoon Portraits and use the code 25OFF at the checkout.


I received a cartoon portrait in order to do this review. All opinions are my own (and my bird’s). 


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