Christmas Countdown Day 18- Christmas for Pets by the Number

Pets are a huge part of our lives, no question. We like to involve them in everything including our holiday celebrations so I just had to share some interesting statistics I heard on the radio about pets and Christmas.

  • 51% of pet owners are going to buy their pet a present this holiday season.
  • They will spend an average of $46.
  • 68% of pets will get a toy.
  • 45% will find food or treats under their tree.
  • 8% will get new bedding.
  • 6% will get new clothing.
  • 3% will unwrap a new leash, collar or harness.
  • 3% will enjoy grooming products.
'dec10 085 puppies before tree' photo (c) 2010, apium - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Along with those fun presents to unwrap,
  • 62.5% of pets will be included in their family’s photo for their holiday card.
  • 71% of pet parents sign their pets’ names to the cards.
  • 76% of pets get a stocking to hang along with the rest of the family.
Sources-AP-Petside.com Poll and Petplan Pet Insurance
How do you include your pets in the holiday?


5 comments to Christmas Countdown Day 18- Christmas for Pets by the Number

  • Of course these numbers are true…what family would leave out their doggie from the fun? Our dog is part of the family and gets to partake in the holiday fun just like all of us…complete w/ doggie cookies and a hat! :) I am sad for the % of pets that get left out…

  • I have my own stocking. I know Santa will bring me something I will love. Probably it will squeak. I would definitely be on the card. I am the writer of the family. BOL

    Seems like your stats are right on track!

  • I hope I find lots of good presents under the tree on Christmas.

  • dawn

    My critters hope the same thing Bongo, especially treats. I’m sure Santa will do good!

  • dawn

    Squeaky presents are the best Scrappy! Be sure to share what Santa brings you!

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