Christmas Countdown Do It Yourself Dogs

Christmas Countdown Day 20- Make a Dog Biscuit Wreath


Looking for a doogy Christmas direction? Or maybe a gift for a dog lover?  Here’s a fun Dog Biscuit Wreath to make.



-Dog Biscuits (medium size used)

-a wreath ( I used an 18 inch straw wreath)

-Ribbon (For this project I used

-9 yards red 1 inch ribbon

-6 yards 3 inch holly ribbon

-2 yards 3 inch red ribbon

– straight pins



  1. I secured the 1 inch red ribbon to the back of the wreath by pushing 2 pins through it into the wreath.
  2. I wrapped the red ribbon around the wreath, covering it completely and securing the end with straight pins.
  3. I secured the holly ribbon to the back of the wreath with 3 pins pushed through the wreath.
  4. I began wrapping the holly ribbon around the wreath twisting it 360 degrees at the front and putting a biscuit under the ribbon where it twisted.   I did this around the whole wreath leaving an 3 inch wide area unwrapped for bow placement. I secured the end of the holly ribbon to the back of the wreath with pins.

    Wrapping variations
  5. I cut pieces for the bow.  To make an easy no-tie bow, determine how long you want the straight parts that hang down. Cut 1 piece that is twice that length.  Then determine how wide you want the bow and cut a piece that is twice that measurement plus 1 additional inch for the loops. Cut a piece about 3 inches long.
  6. Take the piece for the straight hanging part and fold in half. Secure to the wreath where you want the bow by pushing a straight pin into the wreath where it folds. Arrange as you desire.
  7. Take the piece that was cut for the loops and overlap about 1 inch on each end making a circle.  Hold the part where the ribbon overlaps and a spot exactly across from the overlap.  Bring these spots together and wrap 3 inch cut piece around the area where the spots meet. secure to the wreath right where the straight piece was pinned to the wreath.
  8. Arrange loops and the rest of the bow as desired.  Cut end of ribbon on straight part if you prefer and angled cut.
  9. Hang out of the reach of 4 footed creatures.
For a more permanent wreath, spray biscuits with a shellac and allow to dry.

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