Christmas Countdown Day 2- The Ferret Giving Tree


The Ferret Giving TreeFor over a decade the online ferret community has come together to help ferrets by playing Santa.  Each year the Ferret Giving Tree features ferrets who are in shelters.  This year the Giving Tree holds over 700 ferrets from 61 ferret shelters.

Playing Santa is easy. You can pick by shelter or read through the ferret bios until you find one that touches your heart. Then read their wishlist to see how you can help.

To get started making a ferret’s Christmas merry, just head over to the Ferret Giving Tree.

1 comment to Christmas Countdown Day 2- The Ferret Giving Tree

  • I hope all the ferrets will find a warm loving home.
    I had to give up on being a ferret owner because I discovered I was allergic:(
    That’s how I came around getting Kip instead but I still wish I had been able to care for the ferrets.

    -kim and kip

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