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Christmas Countdown Day 12- Kitty Toys to Make



Looking for something to make for the kitties of the house?  These felted wool balls are easy to make, easy for your cat to paw around and easy for them to pick up.



-Cheap plastic cat balls

-wool roving.  You can find wool at many craft stores including Joann Fabrics. I used about 1 ounce of wool to make 2 balls. I used wool I had on hand.

-nylon stockings


  1. Wrap wool around the plastic cat toy ball so no plastic shows through.  Add more wool for a cushier toy. Use different colors and make patterns.
  2. Place wool wrapped toy into stocking and knot the stocking right above the ball.
  3. Throw stocking into washer with a load of laundry, hot water will help them felt faster. (If concerned about color leaking wash with something you aren’t concerned about.  It doesn’t need to be a full load).
  4. Throw into dryer.
  5. Repeat washer and dryer steps.
  6. Carefully remove from stocking as wool fibers may be coming through the nylon.
  7. Optional: Place in a bag of catnip to make them even more enticing.
  8. Let kitty enjoy.
When the toy gets looking a little rough for wear, just run through the washer and dryer again and it’s ready for more play!
Visit 7 Yaks Design for more detailed instructions and picutes.



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