Christmas Countdown Day 1- Quick and Easy Advent Calendar to Make for Your Pets

Join us each day as we countdown to Christmas Day!  Every day we will post something Christmasy to help you and your pets get through the wait for Santa Paws.


Isn’t the anticipation of waiting for Christmas awful? Advent calendars are a fun way to have a little bit of Christmas each day as you count down until the big day.  But why should people have all the fun? To kick off the first day of the Christmas Countdown I put together this quick, easy Advent calendar that you can make for your pet.

All the supplies I either bought at the Dollar Tree or had around the house.materials needed for quick and easy Advent calendar for your pet

-Poster Board

-cupcake wrappers

-cello bags



-numbers 1-24; can be handwritten; I printed them out as 40pt Arial Font using the Wordart in Word to just give me an outline, then I colored them in.

Optional- I bought a sign from the Dollar Tree which I then used as a hanger for the calendar.


  1. Use a hot glue gun to glue the sign to the poster board.
  2. Invert the cupcake wrappers and lay them out on the poster board to see how you can put them to make sure they all fit making sire there is room between rows for the bags.  Glue the wrappers down once they are where you want them.
  3. Trace a circle around each number (I used a quarter), then cut them out.  Glue them on the muffin wrappers.cupcake wrappers with numbers in them
  4. Under each wrapper,  poke 2 holes, then thread the ribbon through so the free ends are on the front.
  5. Fill each bag with the goody for that day then tie them to the poster board.
  6. Add some decorations where needed. And you’re done!
Finished Quick and Easy Advent Calendar


You can substitute for any of the supplies-

  • use cardboard covered with Christmas wrapping paper in place of the poster board.
  • use old Christmas cards or wrapping paper in place of the cupcake wrappers
  • Use brown paper bags in place of the cookie bags.  These are great if you want to let your dog open his own bag.
  • Use twine for a vintage look or yarn in place of the ribbon.
  • Add some greenery, use cut up Christmas cards or other Christmas items to decorate the poster board.
Now you watch the joy in your dog, cat, ferret or whatever type of pet shares your life as they count down each day until Christmas with you!

Are you going to get crafty and make one?  Share your Pet Advent Calendar over at afFURmation’s new (but under construction) Facebook page!




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