Charm update

CharmIt’s been almost 4 weeks since I brought Little Miss Charm home. She has been doing great! Fortunately, she suffered no ill effects from the fly eggs on her and she didn’t develop any illnesses during her quarantine from my other cats. She only weighed 1/2 a pound when I brought her home and now I would guesstimate she is around 2 pounds.

Her introduction to my feline crew went well. Tyke and Omar had no problems with a new kitten in the house and quickly welcomed her in. I think they have become used to new critters showing up in the house. Pyro and Bitsa, well, they were a little unhappy at first. When Charm would go near them they would hiss. But who could resist her kitten charms! Pyro came around very quickly and is now loves playing with her. He is funny to watch with her because his idea of punishment is to give her a bath. Bite my tail too hard when playing, well, a bath for you then! Bitsa took a little longer but now you can’t even tell there was an issue. She shows Charm how to use the different cat toys they have and last night the two had a wild case of the zoomies around the living room!Charm

I still have not introduced her to my dogs.  Right now she is stationed in the living room which is a dog-free zone (it gives the cats a place to relax without any canine intrusions).  Because of her size, it will be a while before she does meet the dogs.  From experience, I would just rather be safe than sorry.

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