Dinner- Video

Okay, I can really picture Mellie doing this although, I think she would have the food gone before the bowl disappeared under the cabinet.

Is this your dog?

Can You Teach a Guinea Pig Tricks?

A few weeks ago, our friend Hawk of BrownDogCBR left a comment on our guinea pig Pet Pop Quiz answer asking if guinea pigs can be trained. The answer is yes! While I haven’t trained a guinea pig, I was able to find a video of some doing some fun tricks.


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Weasel War Dance

Zoomies, binkies and weasel war dances- I think there is nothing I would rather see than an animal showing sheer joy!

If you’ve never seen a ferret doing the weasel war dance or happy dance, check out this video of these 2 fuzzbutts playing. If you listen close, you can also hear them dooking.

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Video- Dog really into his movie

Do you have to share the television with your dog?


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Christmas Countdown Day 21- Time for Caroling

Time for some caroling with our favorite critters!

What’s your favorite holiday song!