Can You Teach a Guinea Pig Tricks?

A few weeks ago, our friend Hawk of BrownDogCBR left a comment on our guinea pig Pet Pop Quiz answer asking if guinea pigs can be trained.  The answer is yes!  While I haven’t trained a guinea pig, I was able to find a video of some doing some fun tricks.


And guinea pigs aren’t the only small pets that can be trained. Basically if you can find something that they find real reinforcing, you can train any animal. Get some munchies, sit back and prepared to be awed!






Fish (yes fish!)


This last one is a video of my parrot, Eco doing the trick we have been working on for the Something Wagging Train Your Dog Month Challenge. The challenge ended last month so we are way late on this, but at least we had fun doing it!

We still have some work to do, but so far so good. He’s persistent which must be that Poi attitude. Oh, and any clicking you hear where I don’t treat is not me clicking.  It’s Eco clicking himself. One of the interesting aspects of working with parrots.

What’s the most interesting animal that you’ve seen trained?

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