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You may have heard crickets when you visited afFURmation over the past month. I haven’t been too active. Nothing’s happened to me, but I have decided to make some changes in my blogging.

I’ve decided to kind of niche down and start a new blog that is more local to my area.. I will still be posting the same types of posts that I post here so there will still be something for all pet owners, but I am also going to be posting a lot of stuff that is geared toward pet owners in NEPA. What’s NEPA? NEPA stands for Northeast Pennsylvania, the area where I live.

I could have just done that on afFURmation, but I wanted to make the name something that would be easy for people to find. Something they could easily remember without having to find the address on a card. One of my blogging goals has been to make a difference and I think this will give me a great opportunity to focus on shelters and rescues in my region as well as focus on those great local small businesses that cater to pets.

It was a hard decision. And scary. I’ve really gotten back into blogging over the past year and I loved watching the readers grow (and I finally got my blog design to something I really liked). But there is just something that feels right about this.

I’m not leaving the blogosphere so will still be following all my favorite bloggers. I’ll just be showing up with a different blog name and web address.

I’m excited!!  I’m still going to continue some features I started here like Pet Pop Quiz (only it won’t be a contest) and Wellness Wednesday. I have a lot of plans that am going to be working on over the next few months that I hope will be enjoyable and hopeful to my readers.

So where can you find me?  NEPA Pets is the name of my new blog (excuse the mess I’m still getting things together) and I also started a new Twitter account and Facebook page to go along with it. I hope to see you there!



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