Adoption Stories- Ziggy

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month.   Throughout the month, some members from Avian Avenue (my favorite bird forum) will be sharing some of their adoption stories along with tips on adopting.

Ziggy, a Blue and Gold Macaw

Pets have a way of getting into your heart and sometimes there is one that manages to dig their way deep into the bottom and really becomes a part of you.  That is how Heidrun feels about him.

He was meant to be her ex-boyfriend’s bird when they adopted him, but it didn’t turn out that way.  He was intimidated by Ziggy so when she saw he was craving attention she stepped in.  It wasn’t easy, Ziggy liked to pinch when he was being held, but over time they were able to work through and developed a deep bond.

Ziggy came from the shelter bearing the signs of not having had a good life in his previous home- bad feather condition and not be able to move his wings properly, but he has blossomed in his forever home.  He shows his sense of humor, loves to cuddle and has developed a deep trust that comes from knowing you are loved.


Along with sharing their adoption stories, I asked that each contributor share a tip for anyone thinking about adopting a bird.

Heidrun’s tip: Don’t have a whole lot of expectations of what you want your bird to be. Accept him for who and what he is, and you will find that that may well be more wonderful than anything you could have imagined.

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