Adoption Stories- Monty

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month.   Throughout the month, some members from Avian Avenue (my favorite bird forum) will be sharing some of their adoption stories along with tips on adopting.


Sometimes failure isn’t a bad thing. Foster “parronts” like Amanda and Sean fondly refer to their adopted eclectus, Monty, as a foster failure.

When the Samfords decided to volunteer with Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, they wanted to foster green cheek conures. Little did they know that their first foster bird would be a plucked eclectus! Monty was surrendered when his previous owner’s health condition deteriorated. With no one else in his household willing to help, Monty was left living in much much less than ideal conditions. Fortunately, Mickaboo was able to get him out of there so he could get into a better situation. A shortage of educated and experienced volunteers led him to his new family. Amanda volunteered to take him in since she wasn’t afraid of a little plucking. She already adopted one plucker, a goffin’s cockatoo named Cupcake just a few months prior.

Monty needed a beak trim desperately when he was surrendered, and after a brief emergency and overnight stay, Monty was able to start settling in. It wasn’t long before they knew Monty was meant to stay forever. Between kisses and yummy fresh food, Monty has adjusted to life with his new family and flock. That flock includes 5 other parrots: Skittles, Twinkie, Paris, Cupcake and Monkey. Monty has his own Facebook page where you can keep up with his life with his new family and the Tweeties.

Monty has grown back some of his beautiful blue feathers

Along with sharing their adoption stories, I asked that each contributor share a tip for anyone thinking about adopting a bird.

From Amanda- If I had to recommend one piece of advice it would be to not take the bird home if your personality doesn’t mesh. Don’t try to make it work just because you want a particular species; on the flip side, don’t avoid meeting a bird because it has an undesirable attribute (color, plucker, etc). I never thought I’d love a plucker/barberer or would ever be able to handle it…and I know that the big boys (Cup and Monty) were meant to be with us, and I love them all to more for their fuzz. We always say Monty is doing the full Monty in his grey jammies.

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