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Adoption Stories- Chloe

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month.   Throughout the month, some members from Avian Avenue (my favorite bird forum) will be sharing some of their adoption stories along with tips on adopting.


Not all birds that are in need of a home are parrots.  You’ll also find finches, canaries and even doves
like Chloe.



Chloe is a dove who was bought for a young girl who then didn’t take care of her. She was kept in a small cage on the cold tile floor covered a lot of the time. Occasionally she was given a millet stick and the water bottle on her cage was usually empty.  By the time her new mom got her out of those conditions and to the vet she was skin and bones. In spite of going through that, she has turned out to be one of the most loving cuddly birds even 9 years later.



Chloe’s mom shared a tip for those who are trying to get a bird out of bad conditions like those Chloe was in. Keep your comments to yourself until you get the bird out of the situation. Being hostile may cause the old owners to tell you to get out of their house, therefore denying the bird the help it needs and deserves.

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