A mouse in the house

I suspected that we had a mouse a few weeks ago when I saw Omar, my 5 year old DLH, intently watching underneath the stove. Since he only did that for a short time, I wasn’t to concerned about it thinking maybe the mouse had only stopped by for a quick visit.

This morning I came down to find 4 of my cats, Omar, Pyro, Bitsa and Charm, surrounding the stereo unit. They were trying to get behind it, but there wasn’t much room. I just knew by the way they were acting they were after something and it wasn’t a bug. Now I am not sure why a mouse would want to come into this house. Apparently, he didn’t check out the neighborhood first. With 6 cats, 4 dogs (3 of them terriers) and 11 ferrets, it just doesn’t sound like a good idea. Maybe he likes living life on the edge.

I grabbed the flashlight and looked around the stereo unit, but I couldn’t see what the cats were seeing. I moved the dog crates that line the one wall away, but still no mouse so I went about getting everyone’s breakfast together. Once I had that all done (the cats could care less that it was breakfast, they wanted that mouse), I grabbed the flashlight again and started moving things around. All of a sudden there is a big commotion on the other side of the room. The mouse had run out from behind the dog crates right into Bitsa’s open mouth. I don’t know who was more surprised, Bitsa or the mouse. She was so proud of herself!

Now what do I do? I used to have a pet mouse. This is a moral dilemma for me. Not that I want the mouse in my house, but I don’t want to see my cat kill it. Arrgghh! So I decide I am going to put it in a container and release it in the football field across the street. At least it won’t be in my house. Bitsa does not think this is a good idea. She does not want to give up the mouse, so she takes it into the bathroom and decides to put it down so she and Charm canA mouse play with it. I don’t think they wanted me to join in the fun, but I tried. Unfortunately, Mr. Mouse did not see my container as a safe place so he wasn’t cooperating and running right into like I had hoped. There’s the 4 of us (mouse, Bitsa, Charm and me) playing around the toilet, just what I want to be doing on a Sunday morning. After about 5 minutes, Mr. Mouse decides to make a run for it and takes off past Bitsa and behind the litter box. From there he goes behind the hamper and into this little cubby hole. I start moving things and Yay! there is he is. Unfortunately, I took to much time to celebrate and he took off again, only this time he heads for the door. I start yelling for Omar, who is suppose to be watching the door, but he isn’t there. Apparently, he doesn’t believe in my leadership and took it upon himself to look for the mouse under the refrigerator instead of believing it was in the bathroom. So Mr. Mouse made a clean getaway underneath the stove and into an opening under the kitchen cabinets. Ugghh, all that effort for nothing. Hopefully, the close up view of some of the neighbors will make him decide this isn’t a great place to live, at least not if you are a mouse…

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