Pet Pop Quiz and Contest

Here it is, the last Pet Pop Quiz for April! I’m sitting here watching Best in Show on TV and laughing. Have you seen it? I showed a little bit in the breed ring and can definitely see these characters in the show ring. This week’s question is about the show.


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Why an Introvert wants to win a trip to a Blogging Conference

This post is my entry in the Eukanuba Paws In Motion to BarkWorld sweepstakes. Extroverts thrive in social settings drawing energy from being around other people. I’m an introvert. We’re often thought of as shy, rude or antisocial, but this shows how misunderstood we are. Introverts are drained by social interactions and draw energy by . . . → Read More: Why an Introvert wants to win a trip to a Blogging Conference

Pet Pop Quiz Answer

I’ll be honest, I never saw the movie and didn’t know the premise of it until I looked it up for this quiz. I might have to netflix it to see what it’s like. I remember learning the theme song for middle school music class and loved it. They wouldn’t teach the song from . . . → Read More: Pet Pop Quiz Answer

Wellness Wednesday- Pet CPR

Learning CPR may mean the difference between life or death for your pet. Your local Red Cross may offer Pet First Aid classes where you can learn how to care for your pet in an emergency including how to give pet CPR.


This video shares the how-tos on giving CPR.

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Pet Hacks- Pet Food Canister

Pet Hacks is a new feature on afFURmation. It will share do-it-yourself projects pet owners have made to make their pet’s life easier, happier or just more fun! Remember every pet is different so what may work for one pet might not work for another.

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