Pet Pop Quiz

This week you might have to get a little bit into the science frame of mind-

Q. What small pet has a scientific name that translates to mouse catching stinky thief?

Hmmm, maybe less of them would end up in rescue if they went by that name.

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Pet Pop Quiz Answer

Hawk aka BrownDog and his mom guessed right!

What parrots are the only ones to have a brush-like tongue?

Lories and Lorikeets have a tongue that is brush-like. Unlike other parrots, who eat a diet of seeds and nuts, Lories and lorikeets’ diet consists of flowers, pollen and nectar. Their tongue helps them crush . . . → Read More: Pet Pop Quiz Answer

Pet Pop Quiz

// Since January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month, I thought I would do a bird question. Are you ready?

What parrots are the only ones to have a brush-like tongue?

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Pet Pop Quiz Answer

Did you know the answer?

What is the name of the blood vessel inside of a dog’s nails?

This blood vessel is known as the quick. (Source: AKC Gazette November 2004 Vol. 121 No. 11)

When you trim a dog’s nail, you often here about being carefully to not cut the quick. Keeping a stypic . . . → Read More: Pet Pop Quiz Answer