Saving Money on Pet Food.

photo by The Consumerist at flickr.com

The economy. It’s affected pretty much everyone in some way- job loss, increased prices. There are times I stand at the check-out register in the grocery store and almost gasp when I hear my total. I feel almost the same way when I go to buy food for . . . → Read More: Saving Money on Pet Food.

The Ferret Giving Tree

Every year in time for the holidays, the Ferret Giving Tree appears helping to make a difference for homeless ferrets and the shelters that care for them. Ferret shelters can submit up to 10 ferrets that are in their care. Those ferrets are then posted to the tree for some . . . → Read More: The Ferret Giving Tree

Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 9

Happy Thanksgiving!

I apologize for missing last week’s edition and for this edition being late. The holidays can get a little crazy, but it is so worth it when you can spend time with family and friends, especially the 4 legged ones!

. . . → Read More: Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 9

Closed-Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway

Welcome to the Holiday Giveaway Hop for Pets!

Thanks for joining us! The Giveaway will run from 12:01 am EST on Thursday November 18th to 11:59pm EST Thursday November 25th (Thanksgiving!). Once you have entered our giveaway on afFURmation be sure . . . → Read More: Closed-Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway

Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 8

Welcome to Pawpawrazzi Thursday!

Sharing a shot of Pyro, my flame-point Siamese mix, chilled out on the cat tree.


Share your favorite pet pic!

Our rules are few-

Add a favorite, funny, inspirational picture of one of your pet or a pet . . . → Read More: Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 8