Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 2

Welcome to Pawpawrazzi Thursday!

Tropical storm Nicole is dumping a load of rain on us today so I thought I would show a picture of Malalarky from a few years ago. A Hurricane (Ivan, I think) gave us a lot of rain and she couldn’t resist playing in the mud puddles!

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Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Camera Critters

I really want to get into taking more pictures of my guys and actually just more pictures in general. Afterall, I spent time researching so I could buy a halfway decent camera. So here’s some pics from the file to start with for the Camera Critters meme.

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Don’t forget the little guys!

September 19 through the 25 has been designated by Petfinder as Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. According to a survey Petfinder did, 95% of the animals in their shelter and rescue groups have been having a hard time finding their forever home. For reasons such as being considered too old, to being a certain breed or even being . . . → Read More: Don’t forget the little guys!

Pawpawrazzi Thursday Edition 1

Welcome to our first edition of Pawpawrazzi Thursday! This Blog Hop is open to all Bloggers who love to share pictures of their pets.

Our rules are few-

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