Being prepared

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction on the Gulf Coast. Those of us who watched it happen can not ever imagine living through it. While we can hope to never go through a disaster the size of Katrina, there may be a time where we have to evacuate with our pets. . . . → Read More: Being prepared

Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day was created by the Animal Miracle Foundation as a day to honor dogs, what they do for their families and society as well as to make people aware of the number of dogs needing homes. In 2006, 12,000 dogs were adopted across the US on this one day, well exceeding their . . . → Read More: Celebrate National Dog Day

Emergency Cat Carrier

Working in a vet hospital, you see pets, especially cats, being transported in all different types of containers. At least they are in something. My heart drops every time I see someone walking in just holding their cat in their arms. There is just so much that can happen that could make the cat . . . → Read More: Emergency Cat Carrier

The summer health hazard no one talks about

Every summer, the media offers hints about taking care of your pet during the summer heat. Very important emphasis is made about heat stroke as well as warnings about lawn chemicals and fleas and ticks. But there is one summer time health hazard I have never heard them talk about. Maybe it is because . . . → Read More: The summer health hazard no one talks about

Retractable leashes

I am not a big fan of retractable leashes. Never have been, never will. I just see too many people letting their dogs wonder all over the place, getting in other people’s way, other dogs’ faces or just in places they shouldn’t be. I know. It’s not the leash, it’s the human on the . . . → Read More: Retractable leashes