Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Everyone wants to save money and pet owners are no different. Let me know if any of these tips are helpful and feel free to share how you have saved money.

First, for those thinking about adding a pet-

If you are going to groan about any of the expense, don’t get a pet. . . . → Read More: Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Charm update

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I brought Little Miss Charm home. She has been doing great! Fortunately, she suffered no ill effects from the fly eggs on her and she didn’t develop any illnesses during her quarantine from my other cats. She only weighed 1/2 a pound when I brought her home and . . . → Read More: Charm update

Medicating a rabbit

Smudge, my lop ear rabbit, had been having sneezing episodes for a few weeks. They didn’t happen every day and he was acting normal otherwise so I didn’t take him in right away. Smudge is a great rabbit, doesn’t get into trouble, but he doesn’t like to be handled. Last Friday I decided to . . . → Read More: Medicating a rabbit

Trimming your ferret’s nails

Nail trimming is a very important part of caring for a ferret. I know my ferrets’ nails grow really fast so they need to be trimmed about every 2 weeks.

This video done by Ferrets of New England is a great guide on doing it yourself.

To see at Youtube, visit Ferret . . . → Read More: Trimming your ferret’s nails

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you and your pets have a safe and Happy Fourth!

Please remember to be aware of your pets and where they are as many accidents tend to happen on holidays.