Job Hazard

It’s unavoidable. When you are around pets so much, you always hear about this pet or that pet that needs a home. Usually I am good at saying “no”. Usually.

This past Sunday I cracked. I am working at a veterinary emergency clinic just for the summer to get some extra funds so I . . . → Read More: Job Hazard

Sprite and her lymphoma

I just put all my ferret girls back into their cage for the night. Lately, Sprite has been the last one to go in. She has a favorite spot under the cage that she likes to lay and so I have to get down and pull her out. With her lymphoma, she is . . . → Read More: Sprite and her lymphoma

Keeping the bang out of your dog’s 4th of July

It’s the day before the 4th and at least in my area, the fireworks started days ago. Normally not a big issue, but if you have a dog who is sensitive to the noise fireworks make, it can make a very anxious end for the holiday.

My current crew doesn’t mind the fireworks, but . . . → Read More: Keeping the bang out of your dog’s 4th of July